2 responses to “City vs. Country.”

  1. Charmaine

    Definitely Katherine, I lived in the UK for just under 5 years and only stayed in London for weekend trips. Nottingham, Farnborough, Daventry, Byfield, Portsmouth were the wonderful places where I lived. We used to choose a pub in a small village to drive to and have sunday roast and then go for a good walk as there are always paths to discover in the countryside. Rugging up in jackets, scarves and beanies, beautiful scenery, the greenness of the farms, fresh crisp air and the smell of chimney fires are amongst some of my greatest memories. So glad you escaped living in London!

    1. katthewanderer

      I wish I knew more about your time in the UK before I left home, Charmaine! Would have loved to hear about your experience. The places you lived are ones I’ve never been to before so they are now on my list! You’re right, there’s nothing better than the smell of the countryside! I’ll have to get some more tips from you! x

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